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Hearing impairment

FIRST SIGNING ABC. By Kathy Robinson. Wow Worldwide Ltd. pound;14.99 or Pounds 20.98 with Wow puppet

Kathy Robinson, the mother of two daughters with hearing impairments, has developed this simple introductory guide for parents and carers new to British Signing Language.

It is a good basic guide. The large colourful book can be used as a resource to support the early language development of children with a range of learning disabilities. It comes with a large finger-spelling poster and a pair of brightly coloured gloves to help children remember. The Wow puppet is available as an extra and will help children see, feel and make words in a multi-sensory combination. It adds fun and another dimension to learning.

Active signing enhances communication and helps in the development of the child's expressive language. As part of the inclusion agenda, this book should be in every nursery and primary school.

Eddy Jackson

Head, Highfurlong special school, Blackpool

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