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Heat still on over Morgan results

A SPECIAL pre-appeals review has been launched into an apparently rogue set of results at Morgan Academy in Dundee, the prestigious secondary that had to be decanted into other premises after fire destroyed its historic building in March.

The SQA rushed in assistance after the inferno incinerated folio work, school records and computers, appointing a liaison officer to oversee links between departments and its Dalkeith nerve centre as principal teachers redrafted reports on each pupil. No school had ever lost so much so close to the exams.

Alan Constable (left), rector of the 1,000-pupil school, hoped the special arrangement and extra consideration for each Morgan pupil would compensate for any disruption but around 40 Higher pupils have been hit by lower than expected results in five subjects - administration, computing, business management, information systems and craft and design.

Mr Constable said: "In five subjects results and predictions do not correlate and I am sure the anomaly relates to our special circumstances. In other subjects they have done better."

Papers should have been brought to the attention of chief examiners in each subject before final grades were awarded.

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