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Heightened awareness

Lincoln, Mandela and Henry VIII are at the top; Tutankhamun, Mozart and Lucy (the three million-year-old australopithecus afarensis skeleton) are near the bottom. In between are Gandhi, Boudicca, Joan of Arc, Einstein, Darwin and Al Capone. How Do You Measure Up? is a large colourful wall poster that lets you match your height against celebrated characters from the past. Measurements are given in inches and centimetres from 100 to 193cm. Among the succinct biographical sketches are spaces to write in pupils' and teachers' own dimensions in an unusual combination of maths and history. How Do You Measure Up? costs pound;5 (pound;9 for two) + pound;1.50 pamp;p from Purple Dot Design Ltd, Herons Court, Killearn, Glasgow G63 9PZ. Tel: 01360

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