Landed with the worst class in the school? Not happy about your teaching practice? Tell Sara Bubb, our agony aunt for NQTs and PGCE students.

Q Our school is being inspected soon. What will be expected of me as an NQT?

A Inspectors will judge you using the same criteria as for any other teacher. This may seem unfair, but they reason that your pupils are entitled to as good an education as those taught by someone with 20 years' experience. The good news is that NQTs seem to mind having an inspector in the room less than experienced teachers and get high grades because they're up to date in current best practice.

Inspectors will also want to know if statutory induction requirements are being met. This will usually involve interviewing you and your induction tutor.

Be prepared to talk about the 10 per cent reduction in your timetable and your eetings with your induction tutor. They will also want to know if you have been observed every half-term. It is useful to gather everything to do with induction into a file.

Q I'm nearing the end ofmy PGCE but haven'tgot a job for September. I haven't even had an interview.

A Maybe your applicationform could be improved. Read it through, ideally with someone else for a fresh view. Is your handwriting legible? Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes, missing qualifications, suspicious gaps in your CV? Is your supporting statement concise?Have you addressed all the pointsin the person specification? Don't panic. There are plenty of jobs out there.

Sara Bubb E-mail your questions to: Sara Bubb runs induction courses in Lambeth, Lewisham and at the Institute of Education. She cannot enter into personal correspondence

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