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Sara Bubb offers advice to students and NQTs

I have problems with my induction tutor. She is extremely negative and makes completely unrealistic demands on me. It's got to the stage where I avoid her and feel we have a real personality clash. What should I do?

This is tricky. First, you must make sure that you act professionally at all times. Ask yourself why the induction tutor is negative. Are you making progress? If not, does she have a point? Would her demands be unrealistic for any NQT or just for the stage you are at?

The induction tutor role is enormous, rarely allocated enough time and is often done without training. Your tutor probably feels a weight of responsibility to get you to meet the induction standards, because the price of not doing so is huge.

It is hard to advise you without knowing the answers to these questions. The impotant thing is that your relationship doesn't stop you making progress towards being an effective teacher and meeting the induction standards.

You could ask for a change and a different induction tutor. This might be best all round - perhaps your present tutor is fed up with you. But there is potential to cause offence.

It might be better to speak about your feelings, emphasising that you are not a superteacher and that you learn best though praise and small steps.

Ask for more help in drawing up action plans. This might involve your talking to members of staff with whom you have a better relationship. Your headteacher should be kept informed as the person with overall statutory responsibility.

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