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Sara Bubb offers advice to students and NQTs

My headteacher and induction tutor wrote on my assessment form at the end of term that I am not making satisfactory progress. I feel very depressed and upset, and don't want to carry on teaching in the school. I am also scared that I'll fail the year and not be allowed to teach. What should I do?

Don't worry. Just because you get an unsatisfactory report in the first term doesn't mean you'll fail the year. In fact you will be supported more, since your difficulties will now be known to the local education authority, the "appropriate body" which makes the overall judgment. They will make sure that you are being supported and monitored properly, and probably observe you too.

Try not to see the report as a vote of no confidence - rather, somethng that will ensure more help. You will be a better teacher as a result.

You might feel that you want to move to another school, but having to settle in somewhere new will probably make things harder for you.

Make sure your problems have been diagnosed accurately. Be clear about what you need to do for your head to consider that you've made satisfactory progress.

In case the school does fail you, keep a record of anything that could be grounds for appeal. This might include having your 10 per cent release time cancelled, not having meetings with the induction tutor and other staff, and not having problems accurately diagnosed.

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