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Is it true that if you don't complete the induction period within three years, your PGCE is taken away from you?

No, once you gain qualified teacher status (which is what a PGCE gives you) you have it for life, irrespective of your success during induction or even whether you teach. Even if you fail the induction period, your PGCE and the Qualified Teacher Status that goes with it are still valid.

However, you will not be allowed to teach in the maintained sector or a non-maintained special school. Although there is no time limit between when you finish your PGCE and when you start induction, it's in your interest to do it as soon as possible while what you have learned is fresh in your mind.

I am on teaching practice and being bullied by my head of department. What should I d?

It is difficult to advise without knowing the details, but you need to be strong and not let it get to you.

You should tell your school-based and university tutors. It will be important to provide evidence - it is a serious allegation. So, keep a diary of all the incidents you consider to be bullying. This will give your tutors a clear picture of what has been going on, so they can take necessary action.

You might also want to seek the advice of your union. I hope you get the situation resolved and that it doesn't put you off teaching. at least you'll know the sort of person to avoid when you look for your first job.

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