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Help fight threat to senior staff

I WAS interested to read in FE Focus (December 15) that Malcolm Wicks, the minister for life long learning, apparently wishes to see "a renaissance" of the senior lecturer.

This appears to be in direct opposition to the recent developments in colleges where we are experiencing attempts to diminish the status and pay of the old-style "progressed teaching" senior lecturers.

In my own college, we are currently undergoing a "restucturing". One of the main proposals is to eradicate these senior lecturers as a category and reduce their pay.

I believe this to be unjust, ill-conceived and, arguably, wrong in law.

I would be keen to hear from anyone who has had experience (successful or otherwise) of fighting such measures. Any help or advice would be appreciated (tel: 01285 651677).

John Scott 12 Somerford Road Cirencester Gloucestershire

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