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Help to fund citizenship drive

It was interesting to read that one of the formative events in Melvyn Bragg's schooling was a Council for Education in World Citizenship sixth-form conference (TES, March 1).

Many others in education, politics, the media and non-governmental organisations have told me the same story. The most recent was the group of sixth-formers from Thames Valley who won the 1995 Dobinson Award for contributions to education for international understanding and spoke eloquently in the House of Lords last Monday about all the knowledge, skills, understanding and self confidence they had acquired through CEWC.

We now need their support if this opportunity is to continue to be available for young people. CEWC, the only non-pressure group existing solely to promote education for international understanding, has received central Government funding since 1948 (currently Pounds 85,000 per year). This is now to be phased out by 1998. We can survive only with more support from schools and colleges. About 1,000 use our materials, services and activities. I am sure the others (primary, secondary, sixth-form, further education) would find that membership is excellent value for the annual subscription of Pounds 15-Pounds 30 per year (depending on size of institution) and might even come to wonder how they managed without CEWC.

We should also very much like to renew contact with our alumni and should be delighted to hear from those of your readers who remember attending CEWC events or using our materials and services and would like to know what we are doing now.

PATRICIA ROGERS Director Council for Education in World Citizenship Weddel House 13 West Smithfield London EC1

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