Helping hand leads to Highers

Raymond Ross

A SCHOOL auxiliary has successfully passed four Highers while supporting a severely handicapped pupil through his. Craig Colligan, who works at Portobello High in Edinburgh, achieved Bs in mathematics and computing, and Cs in English and biology.

Mr Colligan left school 12 years ago but is now following up his triumph by taking three Advanced Highers in biology, chemistry and physics. After that he wants to take a year out in Canada before heading to university.

He said: "I've supported the pupil since S1, and when I was sitting in on his Standard grades I decided to study alongside him after the school's SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) co-ordinator said that would not be a problem.

"I always felt I was capable of doing better than I did at school (Wester Hailes Education Centre). I didn't really apply myself at school where I got only threes and fives at S grade."

Mr Colligan added: "It was like I was resitting them and then the Highers seemed possible. After the Advanced Highers I'd like to go on to university, though I'm not sure as yet what I would like to study.

"It's been great to learn as you work and to get back into studying."

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Raymond Ross

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