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Are governors required to undertake an annual review of the salaries of all teachers or is it something they may do if they wish or can afford to do?

Since September 1993, bodies responsible for determining salaries of teachers, usually the governors, have a duty to conduct a review every year and to provide each teacher with a statement of what the salary is and how it has been calculated.

The Department for Education and Employment, in its annual circular accompanying the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions of Service Document provides guidance on the factors which ought to be taken into account in the course of the review.

Why is my service in teaching abroad not taken into account in calculating my pension, when it was allowed in determining my salary in this country?

This is because the Teachers' Pension Scheme is a contributory scheme which entitles you to the benefits for which you and your employers have paid over the years. When you were teaching abroad, you were not contributing to the scheme and so you receive no benefit.

If you were allowed incremental credit on your salary for your service overseas, this was because your employer in this country decided that your experience justified that increase, but that decision has no bearing on your pension entitlement.

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