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Hidden risks of parents' evening;Internet insights;Briefing

PARENTS' evenings are "fraught with jeopardy and risk of censure for all concerned", says a report on the website of the Centre for Applied Research in Education at the University of East Anglia.

The report is one of many on the site at:

All the research is summarised and some full reports can be downloaded.

Research by Maggie MacLure and Barbara Walker reveals the pitfalls in those brief, complicated exchanges at parents' evenings.

Parents, teachers and pupils often have conflicting suspicions about what the real agenda of the evening is. The research provides evidence that each group will have reasonable grounds for thinking that blame is being pushed their way during an evening.It advises teachers to "remember that parents may value straight talking over good news" to "be specific"; and not to "monopolise the conversation" - but it acknowledges this advice might be difficult to follow.

"Secondary School Parents' Evenings: A Qualitative Study" is available at:

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