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Higher Still, but lower on the agenda

Now, listen out, ye'all. The Silver Dollar Country and Western Club in Dunbar is organising a two-day festival in August at the Museum of Flight in East Lothian. Up to 5,000 good folks are expected.

We thought you would want to know since it was the second item last week on East Lothian's education and community services committee agenda. The Silver Dollar club was quids in: it secured a tourism grant of Pounds 1,750.

Third item was the small matter of Higher Still and the next was back to bread and circuses, or more precisely, the provision of a caravan site for travelling people at Musselburgh Fair Day Races.

Credit where it's due. Surely Ian Lang - yeehaa! - erstwhile Scottish Secretary and architect of local government reform, deserves commendation for making education committees a tad more enjoyable.

Incidentally the item headed "intimate senior staff appointments in schools" should not be misread.

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