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There is something very reassuring about Look at Our World, a schools' art exhibition running at Paisley Museum until February 28. In these times of rapid change, it's lovely to see that children at nursery in the 21st century are continuing the age-old tradition of drawing delightful pictures of wild animals with more legs than they were born with. Harris McBride, 4, has called his picture: "My leopard has lots of legs (14) and can run fast."

Look at Our World, which fills two galleries in the museum, is the eighth annual exhibition of artwork from children and young people in schools and nurseries across Renfrewshire. The aim of the show is to highlight the art work carried out in the full range of the region's schools and to demonstrate how children's skills progress from the early works of three and four-year-olds through to the sophisticated pieces which form a fifth or sixth-year pupil's folio for national qualifications.

In the matter of sophistication, that's something even pupils in P2 are capable of, if a picture by Abby O'Neil from East Fulton Primary is anything to go by. "Music to my Ears" is in the style of abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky and, using black felt-tip pen and thin washes of primary colour, Abby has produced a very credible homage.

Christina Thomas is one of several students from St Andrew's Academy whose work is of a particularly high standard, indicating not just raw talent but some excellent teaching in its art and design department. She has used poster paint for a very competent portrait of a fellow pupil which almost fills the page but also includes just the right amount of interesting background detail.

Paisley Museum, open Tuesday to Sunday

T: 0141 889 3151.

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