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Highly infectious

Don Short, agony uncle, answers your questions

Is anyone else worried about catching an infectious disease from a student? The case of Sars is a worrying example. I work in a large East End college that has a high proportion of students from countries where disease is commonplace. The likelihood of contagion is not far-fetched. I don't know how I can protect myself, and my college appears not to be grasping the nettle.

Yes, I would be concerned. I believe there was an example last year a tuberculosis scare at a college.

There simply has to be greater awareness among college staff about putting precautionary measures into place. Isolating or excluding students on the basis that they come from countries where illness is rife would, of course, be difficult to defend, although the growing crisis over Sars could lead to such a precedent.

I would expect all colleges accommodating students from the Far East, or indeed Canada, to be taking the necessary precautions.

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