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The hills are alive

Backstage at Hungerhill School, Doncaster, the cast of The Sound of Music run through a few of their favourite things.

Two terms of rehearsals have gone into their recent production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic musical by pupils from Years 7 to 11, some of them 16 going on 17, perhaps.

There are 33 pupils in the chorus alone, with costume changes from nuns' habits to ball gowns keeping the wardrobe department busy.

The school has made full use of its new drama suite and its recent investment in backdrops, sound and lighting.

Director Jane Webster, head of drama, and musical director Annette McKay, head of music must have felt that they were climbing ev'ry mountain at the auditions back in September.

The hard slog over, they paid tribute to the team spirit and "some sparkling characterisations".

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