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History and English - Kings, Queens and Rulers

Interactive lessons on world-changing leaders

TESiboard has chosen 24 world rulers whose influence has been felt throughout the ages - from Tutenkhamun to Elizabeth I to James I and Marie Antoinette.

This collection of interactive resources is suitable for key stage 2 (P4- 7) pupils, and presents them with a fun way to learn about influential kings, queens and rulers, and offers secondary sources for research and a model for pupils' own writing. Additional resources encourage children to analyse the information and make decisions on what to select and use in their own work, also meeting data-handling objectives in maths and ICT.

Included is an interactive encyclopaedia, with simple text, illustrations and pop-ups of additional definitions on the pages. The text allows pupils to learn about specific rulers, as well as their surroundings, clothing and weapons.

The information is also offered in a mock website, which lets pupils search for facts safely in a closed environment. They can use the links to navigate around and find key items of information or enter their own search criteria.

Accompanying flashcards, posters and worksheets encourage them to apply their knowledge on the subject. There's also a glossary with information presented in an alphabetical list.

Other activities in the collection include a stamp-sorting exercise, in which pupils use what they have found in the interactive encyclopaedia or on the website to categorise up to eight rulers according to different criteria and create a "set" of commemorative stamps.

There is also an interactive graph maker to create bar charts to compare ages of coming to power and length of reign. This leads to setting questions to analyse the data.

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