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History bunked

The existence of four acts of union escaped the attention of those speculating about which questions should be included in the selection quiz for would-be British citizens (FErret, September 12).

But FErret reader John Bishop, former principal of John Mason College in Erdington, Birmingham, has some alternatives.

1 The British National Anthem is:

(a) Rule Britannia;

(b) Land of Hope and Glory; or

(c) You'll Never Walk Alone.

2 The Industrial Revolution began in:

(a) Shropshire;

(b) Docklands; or

(c) a clog factory in Manchester

3 In British history, Essex is chiefly famous as:

(a) the site of the Battle of Waterloo;

(b) a rebel against the throne; or

(c) the birthplace of David Beckham.

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