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History lesson

Apropos the proposed revision to the primary curriculum, I would suggest consideration of the curriculum for 1906 found in the village primary where I work.

It includes: recitation (speaking well); elementary science; class subjects (including history and geography); mathematics; PE and music.

The handwritten scheme of work in its entirety fills a total of two pages. It is the very model of succinctness.

I have also given due consideration to the comparative carbon footprint.

The output of two modest fires and the environmental damage from the purchase of slates for pupils to write on suggests the impact of my school would have been limited in 1906. Pupils were walking to and from school and teachers lived either at the school or close to it.

Compare this with the enormous carbon footprint of any current school. It's sobering.

Michaela Rolph, Primary headteacher, Attleborough, Norfolk.

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