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Free copies of a Robert the Bruce-themed DVD will be sent to Scottish primary schools next month to assist teachers with Wars of Independence projects.

Entitled Coronation, the short film depicts the crowning of Robert the Bruce by Isobel, the Countess of Buchan at Scone in 1306.

The script is compiled from period documents, with a nod to Robert Burns. Filmmakers Herald Films are waiving copyright on the piece and encouraging teachers to make more DVDs for their pupils.

Teachers will be able to download the cover and artwork to make official- looking versions from the company's website. The script will also be supplied for the children to act it out themselves.

Accompanying the film is a separate audio piece, "Robert Bruce, King of Scots". In it, Bishop Lamberton of St Andrews tells of his friendships with both William Wallace and Bruce and the part they all played in Scotland's story.

Again, using period documents and contemporary material, it is intended to educate, entertain and inspire the listener.

Jock Ferguson, proprietor of Herald Films, said: "Ours is only a modest contribution, but I hope it helps teachers with this subject. If children act it out afterwards, I believe the story will stay with them."

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