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History...and school rules

Motto: Stet Fortuna Domus

(May the fortune of the house stand)

Fees: pound;5,620 per term (board, tuition, textbooks, stationery allowances,laundry)

FOUNDED in 1572 under a royal charter, Harrow's famous old boys include Winston Churchill, Nehru, King Hussein, Earl Lichfield, Lord Deedes and General Sir Peter de la Billiere.

The 800-pupil boys boarding school has its own language, songs ad style of academic year groups - shell, remove, lower fifth, lower sixth and upper sixth.

Standards are high and examination results are good. Uniform is a must. There's chapel twice a week, plus Sunday for Anglican pupils, and any boy failing to do his prep must expect to repeat it and produce extra work.

Any boy caught in possession of or smoking cannabis would expect expulsion.

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