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HMI hits the hay;Letter

YOU REPORTED (TESS, March 26) a member of the Inspectorate saying that "a number of straws have come together to form a haystack". If this is true I suggest they get in touch with the likes of Monsanto right away and license the technique. This could be a revolution in agriculture at least as great as the invention of the plough or the discovery of turnips as a winter feed for livestock.

Now, if they could find a way of making my cows produce only bullocks I could make and save a fortune. And no, bullocks are not small bulls.

Hay: conserved grass used for fodder; straw: by-product of arable crop, mainly used as bedding; bullock: castrated male bovine.

Graham Hewitt Upper Auchmill, Kinnoir, Huntly Aberdeenshire

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