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Hodder 20th-Century History Series

Hodder 20th-Century History Series (Modern World). Germany 1918-45. By Richard Radway. Foundation Edition. By John Clare. Series editor: Neil DeMarco

Hodder Murray. Price: pound;6.99. Tel: 020 7873 827720.


This is an updated and revised edition that ensures comprehensive coverage of all the main awarding body specifications. The material is covered in 29 short chapters, each focusing on one or two "key issues" which are highlighted for students at the beginning of each chapter. Short written sources predominate. As well as the core textbook, a foundation version is available for lower-attainers.


At the end of each chapter students are provided with questions of the "How useful is source BI" and "Use your own knowledgeI" variety. This provides them with useful exam practice, but offers little in the way of real interest and engagement.


The layout is clear and the short chapters lend themselves to individual lessons. Students may find the double columns, short written sources and small pictures, repetitive after a while. The text is clear, but limited use is made of charts, illustrations, timelines and speech bubbles to develop students' understanding.


Provides a straightforward and detailed coverage of the main events and themes, but offers little support in developing lively and engaging classroom activities based on the material.

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