Hold the page for history

Ages 8 to 11

History and literacy teachers - make use of your pupils' keenness to show off their technology skills.

Let them demonstrate how new technology can be used to highlight the so-called old technology of newspapers.

Get pupils to complete background research on Boudicca's revolt during a history lesson about the Romans in pairs or small groups.

A useful site they can go to is www.bgfl.orgbgflcustomresources_ftpclient_ftpks2historyboudiccaindex .htm.

Ask them to report their findings back to the class. Pupils can then be introduced to the features of newspaper writing in literacy through the Roman section on www.headlinehistory.co.uk.

On this site you can choose the level of text to be presented to the pupils and watch film interviews with characters, which help to bring the period alive.

Finally, get pupils to use what they have learnt to write their own newspaper account of the revolt. You can also send finished articles to www.headlinehistory.co.uk - and they may be published on the internet.

Elizabeth Smith is a primary teacher who is on a short career break

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