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Holland Park head ignores us

I am writing to correct the impression given by your profile of Colin Hall, head of Holland Park school, that the resistance to changes he has introduced is Luddite (TES, November 15).

Parents, staff and pupils all have different views regarding uniform, setting, banding, intelligence testing and CCTV cameras located throughout the school. However, we are united in our dislike of the micro-fascism of the new regime.

In July, at a meeting of more than 60 parents, a motion of no confidence was passed on Mr Hall. But he has ignored our views even when he has an obligation to take them into account.

Numerous good teachers have left the school since Mr Hall's arrival. His autocratic style is unsuited to an inner-city comprehensive.

The good results of last year's GCSEs are due to the hard work of the previous senior team. You might ask Mr Hall why so few of those Year 11 students went into the sixth-form, 50 out of 200.

Advancement up the league table is less in the interests of the school community than of the CV of an ambitious head.

Neil Ferguson

Chair, Holland Park School Community Association

88 Cambridge Gardens

London N1

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