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Holland Park parents 'frozen out'

Relations between management and a group of parents at one of Britain's most famous comprehensive have plunged to a new low.

The Holland Park School Community Association claims it is being frozen out by senior staff who say they will not attend its meetings. It also says it has been denied space in the west London school for its last two monthly meetings Kensington and Chelsea local education authority, speaking on behalf of the school, denies the group has been prevented from meeting. However, it said that the association was small and unrepresentative and that school managers were "disinclined" to attend its meetings in future because of occasional hostility from members.

Elaine Sheppard, the group's vice-chair, said the organisation represented a wide variety of views and aimed to improve parental consultation. The fact that parents had recently elected two active members of the association as governors showed they supported its work.

Modernising head, Colin Hall, who arrived in 2001, has ruffled the feathers of some parents who fear he is abandoning the school's liberal tradition.

But a recent inspectors' report praised his leadership.

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