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Home alone

Q My 15-year-old daughter has been diagnosed as having chronic fatigue syndrome. Although she is on the school roll, she has been receiving little education. I'm concerned that she is falling behind. What should I do?

A Speak to the school Senco and see if they can send work home for your daughter, if they are not already doing this. The local education authority may have an obligation to provide education otherwise than at school (possibly by way of a home tutor) under Section 19 of the Education Act 1996. Section 19 states that local education authorities have a responsibility to provide education for children who are otherwise unable to attend school. Although LEAs have some discretion as to what this means in each case, guidance generally provides that, wherever possible, children should receive as much of a full-time curriculum as possible so that the LEA should provide at least sufficient support to enable this to happen, subject of course to your daughter's medical needs.

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