You are happy with the attitude of most of your students. But Keith never does homework and you have run out of sanctions.

* Make sure he has a homework diary. Help and supervise him as he uses it.

* Try to find something he can or will do, and that you can liberally praise.

* Set an easy, "fun" homework - related, say, to watching TV.

* Find out Keith's interests, then set him work based on his specialist knowledge.

* Set a homework that involves students bringing something in - a model, a photograph - and angle it towards Keith's interests.

* se drama (in any subject). Give Keith a part, and some lines to learn at home.

* Set group tasks that bring peer pressure to bear.

* Have a class homework trophy. Present it to Keith at the first genuine opportunity.

* If Keith gets detentions for not doing homework, and the school has a homework club, take Keith to the club instead of to detention and set him a challenging, enjoyable task.

* Praise him for work in class, especially towards the end of the lesson. Then suggest a follow-up task for homework.

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