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An honourable man departs

It seems cuts at the Learning and Skills Council, while being sold to the outside world as a good thing, might not be going down so well with its own officer class.

Mick Farley has left his job as executive director of Cumbria LSC, where the number of posts is being reduced from 40 to 28. The quango has decided, just four years after it came into existence, that it has far too many staff.

There have been suggestions that Mick may have been "forced" out after complaining that the cuts would damage staff morale.

Certainly, he is very much his own man and, if he thought the cuts were silly, I doubt he would have kept his thoughts to himself just to save his own skin. He did not want to discuss the reasons for his departure with FE Focus this week, except to make clear that he leaves with his head held high.

"At least I left with my integrity intact," he tells me, "and not everyone can say that."


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