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Horror at lessons in hunting

I READ with horror and disbelief about the private schools which had hunting with dogs as one of their pastimes (TES, March 7).

As an activity in itself, it is highly controversial, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is completely inappropriate as a school activity.

Would this be acceptable in a state school?

Hunting may be legal, but so is smoking and drinking alcohol; and these would be even less acceptable at a private school than at a state school.

I recently applied for a post at Ampleforth, teaching music; I was rejected without interview, and that is just as well now that I know about this.

They claim to have been open about their bloodsport, but I saw nothing on their website when I looked prior to applying. If I had, I would never have applied.

There is such a wide range of perfectly peaceful, legitimate and rewarding activities which can be offered to school pupils that there is just no excuse for this.

Chris Bluemel

14 Elgar Avenue, Hereford

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