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The Napoleonic Wars in 100 Facts by Jem Duducu (Amberley Publishing) ISBN 9781445646633

The Napoleonic Wars were instrumental in the formation of Europe as we know it. This book provides a guide to the 25 years of conflict, covering key figures, major battles and the tactics that made the period famous for strategic warfare.

Cakes, Custard + Category Theory

by Eugenia Cheng (Profile Books) ISBN 9781781252871

Eugenia Cheng offers an entertaining introduction to the beauty of mathematics by drawing on insights from the kitchen. She explains why baking a flourless cake is like geometry and offers puzzles to whet the appetites of maths fans.

Drama Menu: theatre games in three courses

by Glyn Trefor-Jones (Nick Hern Books) ISBN 9781848422858

This book presents a new approach for dynamic, progressive drama lessons. Glyn Trefor-Jones offers appetisers of fast-paced warm-up exercises, starters to challenge and mains that will release creativity.

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