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Teaching for Character

by Andrew Hammond

(John Catt Educational)

ISBN 9781909717343

This book, the first in the Invisible Ink series, argues that character education is essential for creating a positive learning environment and getting the best out of students. It offers tips on how to encourage perseverance, adaptability and optimism.

Dictionary of the British English Spelling System

by Greg Brooks

(Open Book Publishers)

ISBN 9781783741076

Spelling in English is notoriously complex and this accessible reference book provides the first comprehensive account of the whole system. Designed to suit a range of readers, it is particularly useful for teachers of English.

Towards Self-improving School Systems

by Mel Ainscow


ISBN 9780415736602

Drawing on lessons from Manchester's City Challenge, Professor Ainscow presents a model for tackling inequality and fragmentation in England's schools system by tapping into local resources.

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