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Words Onscreen: the fate of reading in a digital world

by Naomi S Baron

(Oxford University Press)

ISBN 9780199315765

E-readers and tablet computers are having a profound effect on the ways we read. Naomi S Baron explores how technology is changing the nature of reading and discusses the benefits and drawbacks.

How to Survive an Ofsted Inspection

by Sarah Findlater


ISBN 9781472911063

Whether you want to improve your practice or are in need of on-theday strategies, this book provides a practical guide to preparing for an inspection, performing well and making good use of the feedback you receive.

Tell Tales

by Julie Pryke

(Beaten Track)

ISBN 9781910635346

Learn the techniques of inventing, telling and writing stories for children with this book full of word games, example stories, illustrations and detailed explanations, plus an "over to you section" in each chapter that will help you to get started.

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