Hours are the 'lowest in UK'

TEACHERS work "significantly fewer hours" than in the rest of the UK and do not carry a heavier workload than other occupations, the second major analysis for the McCrone committee states.

The study - based on 10 reports issued by the Labour Force Survey during 1997-99, involving 37,000 employees of whom 1,599 were teachers - found that despite a 35-hour contractual week primary teachers work an average of 41 hours a week, six fewer than in the rest of the UK. Secondary teachers average 41 hours, against a UK figure of 45. Special school teachers show the greatest differential at 38 hours compared with 48 hours elsewhere in the country.

Given the weekly earnings of teachers in the rest of the UK exceeded those in Scotland by around 4 per cent in 1997 and 1998, the authors state, "it would appear that per working hour, teachers in Scotland receive a significantly higher rate of pay than teachers elsewhere".

Compared to other occupations, teachers appear to fare well. Their working hours, both basic and overtime, compare with just under 70 hours a week for doctors. University staff, clergy, solicitors, quantity surveyors, police officers and computer programmers work longer weekly hours.

Among manual employees, ambulance personnel and chefs work longer hours.

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