How to celebrate

Make a list here of different ways to celebrate.

You could have a party, sing songs, dance, go bungee jumping, eat an ice-cream, whistle loudly, shout "bananas", punch the air.

Take each idea in turn and use a simile to make it more playful.

Five ways to celebrate

You can hold a party

like a rocking-horse

swaying to the beat

of the dancers' feet.

You can sing songs

Like a hyena laughing at the moon.

You can dance

Like a hare on the first day of spring.

You can lick an ice-cream

Like a cold hot poker.

You can whistle loudly

Like the last train home

Caught in a tunnel of light.

You can punch the air

Like a fist of flowers,

At a wedding of wonder.

Pie Corbett

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