How could I get it all so wrong?

One of London's most high profile headteachers has described her emotions after Ofsted gave her school a Notice to Improve, and her decision to resist the urge to resign.

Kenny Frederick, of George Green's Community School in Tower Hamlets, was recently issued with the formal warning after an inspection following "disappointing exam results" this summer.

Writing in this week's TES, Mrs Frederick refused to criticise the process that lead to the notice being issued.

Instead, she has described the aftermath of the decision for herself and her school's morale.

"Facing my own failure was the most painful feeling and that remains," she writes.

"How could I get it all so wrong? I don't know the answer yet but will be trying to work it out over the next year or so. I certainly feel mortified by the whole experience.

"I need to get over myself, put my ego aside and remind myself that this is not all about me. It's about my school, my staff, my pupils and I need to put them before my own pain and distress.

"I decided to stay because I felt I had a duty to see it through and take us out of the mess we were in."

Our world fell apart, page 27.

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