How to help

Cruse, the bereavement counsellors, have published From Grief to Hope, a list of dos and don'ts for parents and carers: * tell the truth

* don't hide your feelings

* encourage children to show their feelings

* try to maintain a daily routine

* contact the nursery or school, tell them about the bereavement and ask them to let you know how the child is coping

* tell the teacher that the effects of bereavement can last a long time

* don't avoid talking about the parent or relative who has died.

From Grief to Hope can be obtained from Cruse Bereavement Care, 126 Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1UR National Cruse Helpline 0181 332 7227 National Helpline for Compassionate Friends 0117 953 9639.

Useful publications

Helping Children Cope with Grief: Facing Death in the Family by Rosemary Wells published by Sheldon Press, Pounds 5.99 "Death in the Classroom" by Gerald Haigh. The TES, November 22, 1996 Children's stories about bereavement

Badger's Parting Gifts by Susan Varley Picture Lions, Pounds 4.50 Grandpa by John Burningham Penguin Picture Puffin, Pounds 4.99 I'll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm, Hodder Knight Books Pounds 4.99 Grandma's Bill by Martin Waddell Simon Schuster Young Books Pounds 3.99

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