How to make a six-pointed snowflake

You will need: * a sheet of A4 paper * a ruler * a pencil * scissors.

First, fold the paper in half lengthwise to make a rectangle. Find the centre point along the fold and mark it in pencil.

Next, measure 9cm from the top left-hand corner and make another mark. Draw a line to join the marks.

Fold the bottom right-hand side up tolie along the line you have drawn.

Now fold the bottom left-hand side over the top to meet the right-hand fold.

Cut as shown by the dotted lines.

Cut out patterns if wished.

Finally, open out and display.

Instructional Text

This gives directions on how to make and do things.

Discussion points What is the text of the first box for? How is it different from the text in the remaining boxes? Is this text in chronological order? Why or why not?

Language Use There are four types of sentence: statements, questions, commands and exclamations. Which sort are the sentences in this text?

Find all the verbs. Where in a sentence do they tend to be? Are they in the first, second or third person? Why?

Are there many adjectives and adverbs in this text? Why or why not?

Words that show links between different parts of a text are called connectives. The "Finally" in the last box is a connective which suggests a time link. Find more words in this text that do the same job.

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