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How to make your own

"Ice Cream of Roses" from Arabella Boxer's Book of English Food published by Penguin, (secondhand copies available) Ingredients.

550ml single cream 30-40g rose petals, preferably from old-fashioned roses 3 egg yolks 4 level tablespoons sugar Method.

Boil the cream. Add the rose petals and leave the mixture covered for two hours off the heat.

Sieve or strain the mixture. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar. Reheat the cream, then pour the mixture on to the boiling cream. Stir over a pan of simmering water for 6-8 minutes until it has thickened slightly.

If using an ice-cream maker, cool the mixture in fridge for several hours prior to putting it in the machine, which must also be chilled.

If using a freezer, put the mixture in a cold container and remember to stir the mixture from time to time as it freezes.

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