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How other countries celebrate

Kenya has held an annual Literacy Week across eight provinces for the past decade, with awards given out to learners. And it has helped set up adult learners' associations in a host of other African nations, including Malawi, Ghana and Tanzania.

Slovenia organises an annual Lifelong Learning Week in October, with awards for outstanding achievements in adult learning and a range of events at local level.

Jamaica is one of the veteran countries in organising Adult Learners' Week.

The first Jamaican week started in 1995 and its original focus on literacy has since widened to embrace other forms of adult learning.

Russia organised the first Siberian Adult Education Festival in Novosibirsk in 2002. As a result, new adult education concepts and arrangements were adopted in the region.

Albania held its first Lifelong Learning Week five years ago in Tirana. It was set against the backdrop of a need for more vocational training given recent democratic changes and the introduction of a market economy.

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