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How would a school timetable look if decided by the media?

Barely a day goes by where you can pick up a newspaper without seeing an opinion columnist, think tank or advocacy group campaigning for their pet subject to be included on the national curriculum.

What you're less likely to see, however, is any thought given to what could be dropped in favour of what are, in many cases, rather outlandish ideas. 

Would you prefer your child to be studying French or flower arranging? Chemistry or the Countryside Code? Tackling economics or tackling extremism? You get our drift. 

So, inspired by the many, MANY suggestions that people who, in the main, aren't actually teachers have put forward, we have put together a timetable exclusively made up of subjects that people have asked in the media to be put on the national curriculum.

Will it work as a way forward for our often-divided school system? We'll let history be the judge. But no, no it won't. 

Read the timetable, along with the sources for each subject.

Have we missed any particularly brilliant suggestions? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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