FE Chatter: #WhyIWorkInFE special

FE Twitter: Btecs, the skills bill and jazz hands
From the variety of their working days to seeing young people succeed, staff share why they work in further education
Tes Reporter 24 Apr 2021

It's one step forward and two back for adult education

When it comes to adult community education, it is one step forward, two steps back, says Sue Pember
Although Sue Pember is positive about the role of adult education in the future, Covid-19 has reduced participation, and this will add further to the skills problems this nation already has, she writes
Sue Pember 20 Apr 2021

Why the DfE funding clawback plan has left many raging

The announcement of funding clawback plans left many raging, says the AoC's Julian Gravatt
The government's clawback will cut funds for next year, just at the point where it wants colleges to collaborate, to work with employers and to invest in the sectors of the future, says Julian Gravatt
Julian Gravatt 26 Mar 2021

Back to college: Everything you need to know

Covid a year on: How our colleges have thrived
Learners are due to return to further education colleges from 8 March, Boris Johnson has confirmed, but how will it work? This is what the guidance says
Julia Belgutay & Kate Parker 22 Feb 2021
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