Humanities - Modern World History Collection

There is a wealth of resources on modern history topics, created by teachers and shared on TES Resources. We have created the Modern World History Collection for your use. Tell us what you think.

What's in it?

Some examples include tafkam's card sort on the causes of the First World War. It's an activity that works well as a summary or as an assessment. There is an example of a completed cause web, as well as a blank version, and a part-completed version that can be copied, too. Annajordan has shared an impressive task on Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1938 in which students must complete a series of challenges to earn the next set of notes. There are also some useful resources on suffragettes and the vote for women, shared by Robert Peel and Emily Thomas.

This collection of resources has been recommended by TES adviser Dan Hartley. If you have resources you would like to see included, let us know. Find all resources and links at


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A teacher is looking for tips on making A-level lessons engaging and interesting. What's your advice? Plus, tips on geography fieldwork.

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