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Inspiration from the Willow Pattern

What is it?

NGfL Cymru has produced an imaginative range of cross-curricular resources using the Willow Pattern scene.

How to use it

Using an artefact as a springboard for learning is an excellent way to engage children's interest. The artwork on the china is stylised and depicts elements of the story which pupils can identify and interpret. Suggested activities include:

- storyboarding the scenes using a writing frame;

- writing diaries from the point of view of the main characters;

- writing an alternative ending to the story - how could the tale have ended happily?

- creating a shape poem in the pattern of a weeping willow;

- using the sadness and loneliness of Koong-Se, the central character in the Willow Pattern fable, to share thoughts about a sad or lonely time in pupils' own lives and how they dealt with it.

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