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The global dimension in geography

When world events such as earthquakes in India and Pakistan, tsunamis in Japan and drought in Darfur occur, they affect staffroom and classroom alike. Hard-hitting headlines, graphic images and social media throw them to the fore and, as writer Penny Sweasey states: "Teachers need to be equipped with the skills to give these events context and understanding." So how can geography make an impact? It begins at trainee level.

This article, published on the Geographical Association's website, suggests approaches to geography in teacher-training sessions, with a focus on the global dimension.

Among the first questions are: what is a geographical education for? How can we make sure geography in schools addresses important contemporary questions? And is the global dimension geography teachers' responsibility? The article has useful information and ideas to help incorporate these learning areas and develop classroom discussion. For more see

What else?

See the Global Dimensions and PlanUK profiles on TES Resources for resources and teaching ideas about global awareness.

In the forums

Teachers discuss what to include (and what not to) in an interview lesson on the global dimension.

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