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Interfaith Explorers

Interfaith Explorers

Often when pupils learn about religion, they focus on conflict. But, a new website from the Maimonides Foundation, encourages them to see the similarities between the three Abrahamic faiths while respecting and appreciating diversity.

In a video on the homepage that introduces the website's theme, David, a Jew born in the Muslim country Iran, explains how he has learned wonderful things and enjoyed great hospitality from people of other religions.

Teacher and pupil resources, including posters, show the similarities and differences between religions through shared stories, such as that of Abraham. Recipes, art and prayers encourage pupils to see the parallels between the faiths.

The resources are designed to be used over six weeks and two school case studies are included to guide teachers.

What else?

Schools are invited to take part in a competition sharing their experiences of the Interfaith Explorers programme. Teachers have to explain what their pupils have discovered during the course using documents, photographs or video. The school judged to have the best presentation will have the chance to work with an artist-in-residence for a month.

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