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I don't like ads that tell you to ring during school hours

I'm a Year 5 teacher in a Midlands primary school. I've been here three years, since I left college, and I'm thinking of moving on. But there's an ICT (technology) co-ordinator's post coming up here in my school and I don't want to burn my bridges by advertising the fact that I'm looking for jobs.

I don't like ads that expect you to ring during school hours and I'm not interested in any school that expects an SAE.

I look in both the website ads and the paper section of 'The TES'. The classifieds take ages to wade through, but you sometimes pick up things that the search facility misses.

I would like to be able to do the whole thing over the web if I could. I'm sure it would save schools a lot of money if they put the job information on their websites.

The application packs don't tell me what I want to know about the school - is the staffroom a tiny cubbyhole like it is here? Is it a young staff? What initiatives is the school involved with? I want to know whether I'm going to enjoy working there.

Mary Ellen (name changed at her request)

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