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I knew I'd seen that face before

I settled down to read the TES Magazine and was surprised to see a black and white photo that I recognised ("Hands up for talent", April 10). The girl with her hands up by her face in the photo is my sister-in-law, Paula Pini, and this picture has pride of place in her beautiful flat near Pisa in Italy.

She tells me the photo shoot was done for Picture Post when she was a young student at the Italia Conti Stage School. She is now an extremely glamorous grandmother in her early sixties and a successful teacher of English language in Italy. One of her daughters is also an English teacher.

Paula was delighted to see her photo in the magazine on a recent visit, and told me more about how it was taken. The reporters had misspelt her name as Pada Pia (she claims her father's handwriting was not great) instead of Paula Pini. To get the pose seen in the photo, the children had been asked to imagine "a succulent orange", which of course in those days would have been an absolute treat - hence the look of utter delight on her face.

I wonder what face children would pull today at the thought of such a common fruit?

Caroline Pini, NQT, London.

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