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I present this medal made of fool's gold to Cameron

In his latest version of reality, David Cameron not only takes the biscuit, he takes the packet. Scrapping most of the funding for school sports partnerships was as big a piece of educational vandalism as I can remember, the grounds being that "they were not working" as near a lie as you can get in politics.

In Lancashire alone, children were involved in 41 activities, most of them competitive to varying degrees, although not quite all. This will be a black mark in Cameron's book as the coalition has a hang-up about competitive sport to the exclusion of all else.

A small number of children will reach the top of the excellence pyramid exemplified by the Olympics and it is right that they are supported. Most children will not achieve this level but they have a right to a choice of activity and do not deserve the latest sneer from our elitist prime minister.

Looking for gold medals is less important than getting children to take part in physical activity, to enjoy it or to have somewhere to do it. Gerard Kelly will be thanked by state school teachers for giving a true picture of sport in the state sector ("It's money, not class, that makes gold medals", 10 August). I hope Department for Education officials read TES as it may influence their tenuous grasp of reality on issues such as this.

Tony Roberts, Lancashire secretary for the NAHT heads' union.

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