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I think pupils should interview new teachers

Lauren Milkins, 14, is a Year 10 pupil at Mangotsfield School in Bristol

Lauren Milkins, 14, is a Year 10 pupil at Mangotsfield School in Bristol

Lauren Milkins, 14, is a Year 10 pupil at Mangotsfield School in Bristol

What's your favourite subject?

Probably English. I like the atmosphere of the class - although it's laid-back, everyone still learns a lot.

What do you most like and dislike about school?

I like seeing my friends every day. I don't like exams - there can be too much pressure on us to succeed.

What stops you from learning?

If others around me are chatting, I sometimes can't help joining in.

What three things make a good school?

Schools should have expectations but no rules. Rules are easy to break but expectations are something to aim for. Secondly, there must be good relationships between pupils and teachers, and, lastly, a fair workload.

If you were headteacher, what would you introduce at your school?

I'd get pupils to interview new teachers, because it's us who will be taught by them and we know what qualities we want a teacher to have. A good teacher is someone who is relaxed, but can also bring a fun element to lessons.

What would you like to be when you are older?

Why do we have to decide so young? I would quite like to be a primary teacher but I will probably change my mind.

What's your favourite band and DVD?

My favourite band is the Foo Fighters, but I also like the Arctic Monkeys and Bloc Party. I love music and I'm almost permanently glued to my iPod. My favourite film is Dirty Dancing or The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, because SpongeBob is a legend.

What's your favourite clothes label?

An American brand called David and Goliath. It sells T-shirts with funny phrases on. My favourite is a picture of a bit of cheese on a roll. It says: "I'm on a roll."

What's your most embarrassing moment?

When I was eight, my family and I went to a restaurant in Florida. I thought the man sitting by the entrance was my dad so I sat on his lap. My family started laughing and I looked around and saw it wasn't my dad. I jumped up and burst into tears with embarrassment. It's a common joke in the family now, and my nickname for years was "Laurie two dads". I'll never live it down.

What's your earliest memory?

My friend Molly and I were in a nativity play at playgroup. We were playing angels and were meant to be singing and flapping our arms like wings. I forgot to flap and Molly kept pushing me to get me started. It took a lot of pushes before I realised what she meant.

If I was prime minister for a day, I would...

... let everyone in the country have a day off work so they could spend time with their families. Too many families don't see each other enough and are distant because their lives are consumed by work, instead of their children.

I wish adults would sometimes...

... think back to when they were teenagers. It would help them to understand that they probably made the same mistakes as us.

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